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Self esteem, also called self respect, is the respect we have for ourselves, for our belief in our ability and in the value of what we do. Self-esteem makes us independent in our thoughts and actions. It makes us feel confident that we can do things well and maybe even better the next time. It is an important quality we must have if we want to achieve success in whatever we do.

The degree of self esteem varies from person to person. People with high self esteem believe that they can finish whatever they have started. For example, they are active in class and can express their ideas clearly. They are the people who are likely to succeed in their lives. Those with middling self-esteem are like those with high self esteem, but they are not so sure of their own value. Those with low self esteem, however, have many problems. They are sad most of the time. They are afraid to start activities. They feel that no one loves them. They cannot express their ideas properly. In discussions, they listen but do not talk because they are afraid that they may say something wrong and may be laughed at. They are the people who need attention the most.

So in order to get more self esteem to live a successful life, we must firstly realize its importance. We should also seize every chance to practice gaining more self-esteem. We hope that we would have enough self-esteem so that we may have more chances to succeed in this competitive world. In the meantime, we should help those with low self esteem to have more self respect and confidence in whatever they do.












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In recent days, with the development of the society, we have to face the problem——, which is becoming more and more serious. First, ——(说明问题的现状),Second, ——(举例进一步说明现状).

Confronted with——­­, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. As we know that there are many steps which can be taken to undo this problem. For one thing,——(解决方法一). For another,—— (解决方法二). Finally,——(解决方法三).

Personally, I believe that the solution of the problem is——(我的解决方法). Consequently, I'm confident that a bright future is awaiting us because ——(带来的好处).





When it comes to the issue that —— , different people hold different views. The issue whether it is good or not to—— has aroused a heated discussion all over the country.

Some contend that——(观点一). For one thing——(原因一). For another——(原因二). In spite of all these claims, others maintain that——(观点二). They point out that——(原因一). Another instance often cited is that——(原因二).

It’s no easy task to find a satisfactory answer to the issue. As far as I am concerned, there's some truth to both arguments. It's advisable to——because——.






The topic of­ —— has aroused wide concern among the society. People have different perspectives towards this topic.

Some people hold the view that ­——. Generally its advantages can be seen as follows. First, ——(优点一). Besides,­­——(优点二).

But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantage is that­——(缺点一). To make matters worse,—— (缺点二).

Through the above analysis, I firmly believe that the advantages apparently outweigh the disadvantages . Therefore, I would like to­—— (我的看法). Only in this way can we——(对前景的预测).






The topic of(主题)has triggered an avalanche of mixed reactions and debates not only in real life but in the network, which boils down to how valued it is to modern society.

Some factors can account for this phenomenon, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects. First and foremost, ——(原因一). What’s more, ——(原因二). Eventually,­——(原因三).

From my point of view, it is time to take some emergency measures. At the individual level, we should effectively enforce our ability to discipline ourselves and(主题)through practices in every ordinary moment of our life. Only the measures step by step are performed, can make our society harmonious.






It is obvious in the graphic/table that the rate/number of —— has undergone dramatic changes. It has gone up/dropped considerably in recent years. At the point of ——, —— reaches its peak value of(多少).

What is the reason for this change? Mainly there are (多少) reasons behind the situation reflected in the graphic/table. First of all,——(原因一). More importantly,­­——(原因二). Most important of all,——(原因三).

From the above discussions, we have enough reason to predict what will happen in the near future. The trend described in the graphic/table will continue for quite a long time. As for me, it is advisable to——.






I was profoundly shocked / moved by what I have seen in this picture/ cartoon which is so interesting / educational and instructive. As is apparently demonstrated in the drawing above,——(描述图画内容)

Obviously/Evidently, the drawing mirrors a current phenomenon about(主旨)is both inspiring and thought-provoking. There're numerous reasons why it is and I would like to explore the most typical ones. For one thing, ——(原因一). For the other, there are an increasing number of people who are not realizing (主旨)is indispensable to us(原因二).

As far as I am concerned, the lack of (主旨词) will lead to the terrible effect of public moral and irredeemable financial losses, and even building harmonious society will become an empty talk.

There are some immediate measures that should be taken before it's too late. On one hand, ——(措施一)On the other hand, ——(措施二).Only when these steps are carried out can we succeed in solving the problem, and make our world colorful and vigorous.






The good old proverb—— (名言或谚语) reminds us that—— (释义). Indeed, we can learn many things form it.

First of all, ­­——(理由一). For example­——(举例说明). Secondly, ——(理由二). Another case is that——(举例说明). Furthermore,——(理由三).

In my opinion,­—— (我的观点). In short, whatever you do, please remember the saying——(重申该名言或转述). If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot from it.






I am excited to know that you are going to visit my hometown/campus/country and I am looking forward to see you soon. I cherished everything that happened when I visited your hometown/campus/country,so it’s my turn to accept you here. To be sure, I will make your stay enjoyable and wonderful.

Firstly,——(介绍文化). What’s more,——(介绍景点一). And finally, ——(介绍景点二).

I’m sure you will very enjoy about all these cultural attractions, and a bunch of interesting activity is waiting for us to participate in. Just pack up and go, I will assure you a wonderful trip. By the way, if you have any question or suggestion, please contact me.

I am looking forward to your visit.






Dear Sir /Executive/Manager,(或题目给出的人名)

I am____. This letter is to serve as my recommendation for——/ job application for——/ thanks for——/ complaint for——/ inquiry about——/ application for——.

I will explain the reasons for——. Firstly,——. Meanwhile, ——. In short,——.

If you have any questions, please inform me directly, and I will do my best to reply you. Your prompt reply would be genuinely appreciated.

Yours sincerely,



The Wind

We notice the wind when it seems cruel,when the trees turn away from it,and it cuts into our hearts.“Certain winds will make men’s temper bad,” said George Eliot.In Israel, there is one kind of wind that brings irritability,headaches, sickness and respiratory difficulties.In Germany, a warm, dry wind is said to blow heartaches down from the Alps.In Southern California,the Santa Ana is associated with an increase in depression and domestic violence.Scientists have tried without success to identify physiological reasons for these reactions.Everyone agrees, however, that dry winds like the Santa Ana,the cold northerly wind in France and the wind in Germany and Switzerland seem to have negative effects on our mental and physical well-being.

On windy days, playground fights,suicides and heart failures are more frequent.In Geneva, traffic accidents increase when a wind called the bise blows.At the request of patients,some Swiss and German hospitals postpone surgery when the wind blows off the northern slopes of the Alps.It is human to ask what is behind the wind.It is easy to personify the wind as the breath of God.The act of taking wind into our lungs is what gives us life.The Jews, Arabs, Romans and Greeks all took their word for spirit from the word for wind.Eskimo women once chased the wind from their house with clubs,while the men shot it with rifles to kill the evil spirit they believed rode its gusts.But our day-to-day lives are no longer blown on the winds.

We do not identify wind with spirit any more.That is good for commerce,but it exacts a cost to the human eye and heart.The wind blows us simple pleasures.There are winds lapping at shores,bathing us in scents of coconut and spice,beckoning us further.

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